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To ANCBS Office- Start to Save Lugansk and Donetsk Archives Now

Оригинал взят у ouranopolis в To ANCBS Office- Start to Save Lugansk and Donetsk Archives Now
To Association of National Committees of the Blue Shield (ANCBS) Office
from Semionoff (Semenov) Vitaly
Historian, Genealogist,
Archive Access Rights Activist

Copy to Unesco
Copy to World Archive Committee

Dear Mr.von Habsburg-Lothringen

Working and exploring for a long time in best and biggest archive of ex-USSR countries I can not be deeply concerned about condition of Archive documents and collections.
Choosing it as my zone of responsibility I have visited archives that now are in jurisdiction "awkward" zone as South Ossetia or war-conflict zone in Syria. Both visits took place in 2013.

But none of the situation is so hard as situation with Lugansk and Donetsk state archives. For a God's sake they are still intact. We are in communication with Donetsk state archive, in the same time we can not get the connection with Lugansk State Archive authorities.
In the last time collections of Donetsk state museum was seriously damaged as collections of some Lugansk museums. The fate of Voroshilov's library that was moved from Kremlin to Lugansk in 1950s is unknown now.
In this situation we can not let ourselves the luxury to be optimistic and not try to work to preserve world heritage in political situation "as is"

Technically, the State Committee of Archives of Ukraine (Derzharchiv) does not have a chief for more than 10 months. Now they even does not have vice-chief, only vice of the vice and now she is having huge amount of economical problems of other Ukranian archives.

So, I am strongly concern, that ANCBS should apply to higher level of authority as the President of Ukraine, The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and all sides of the conflict for organizing " The Cultural Humanitarian convoy" to the territories of non-Kiev-control of Ukraine.

I eagerly ask you, Mr.von Habsburg-Lothringen to make such applying for Ukranian authorities, we would be happy to organize your contact with authorities of non-Kiev-controlled zone.
For such of this mission on such territories let me in first rows of volunteers in any time, when you need me.

Yours very sincerely

Semionoff (Semenov) Vitaly

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