August 11th, 2008

Информационная война.

Мой пост в сообществе "Мировая политика".

Thank you, West! We awoke.

Anyway, I am Russian, I live in Moscow I am 30, I got a Historical diploma and I have visited Georgia and North (not South) Ossetia twice.
My name is Semionov Vitaly.
There were no more pro-Western generation in Russian history, as mine.
Yes, we are really believed in USA and all this staff about
"democracy". We really looked like babies in sweet dream with a thumb in their mouth.
But we are really happy, that now we are awoke.
And do you know who did it? West itself!
First was Serbia in 90-s. I have been near the American Embassy this day when first bombs dropped at Belgrad. Moscovitian threw eggs and ink - bottle in US Embassy. The Embassy really looked as a hippy house. This was a first time when I felt something like awakening.
But our dream was so strong, that even in 2004 I was celebrating New Year In Orange Kiev. This was a time when I have seen Saakashvili. He was walking by the strrets of Kiev and shouting in Ukranian " I greet you, it's our victory".
If I only know the future this time...
After August 8 I am proud to say, that FIRST time the TV-news of Russian channels looks MUCH MORE honest, than CNN.
The MAIN thing that USA and Saakashvili really did this- is finally crashed the belief in so-named "western democrasy" and showed us - that we, people of Russia, should be strong.
All of ours, so named "friends" kept silence - Belorussia, Cental Asia countries, Turkey - they just betrayed us. It was only Armenia who really supported us.
It's crazy hard to think and to understand why do western world LIEs? When we made our mistakes in Grozny, you just wrecked us in mud. Now, when the big town really crushed, you kept silence.
It's really, really weird.
The generation of 70 and 80s of Russians could really sold their soul for brand jeans and Malboro cigarettes.
Now we have had it enough.
So, "Western democrasy"? Thank you, world, we have awoken!
You should reckon us.

Vitaly Semionov, Moscow, 30